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Lights, Lights... We all want Up Lights!

There is a new craze sweeping the party world and I must say, it's made quite an impact. No, I'm not talking about Pinterest (although that has become as popular as Aunt Edna) and it's not the latest in fashion, it's quite!

I know what you are thinking... lighting has been around for years and it certainly has been showcased at many events, however, up lighting is the new rage. In fact, almost 80% of my bookings are requesting some form of up lighting for their function.

What is up lighting? Simply put, it's lighting placed at floor level that creates columns of light that shine upwards. I know that sounds basic but what occurs when a room is bathed in your choice of custom color (or colors) is a transformation like no other. Up lights are not a new concept in the industry however, today's lights offer so much more than what most of us have become accoustomed to. 

New designs are wireless (meaning no need to hide all those ugly cords), wifi controllable and capable of producing any color match that you can think of. Now I will admit that some colors that you may be thinking to up light just do not work. For instance, have you ever seen a grey light? Didin't think so. Blue, purple, red, orange or green shades though, not a problem at all to match.

Picture this... your table cloths are a violet color and your flowers are yellow. Easy peasy to match those colors!

The best part about this new technology is what happens when the dance floor opens. It's been my experience that most Brides & Grooms do not want that "club" look at their elegant affair. By that I mean disco light towers, stands and ugly framing hanging lights for the dance floor. But a small hidden up light that serves the purpose of mood lighting and then in turn changes colors to the beat of the music, goes through set patterns and can put a solid color around the dance floor is perfect. Again, with no wires needed to control them, they can go anywhere and lithium batteries power them all night, so there's no break in the action!

One of my personal favorite light designs is going with a soft amber color creating a beautiful and elegant look. No need to stay in that light mode all night though. Change the colors when dancing begins to change the mood. The best of both worlds all with the flip of a switch. 

Most DJ's today realize the importance of providing up lighting. Be sure to ask before you get a quote from an expensive lighting company. The price difference can be staggering. Also know that the DJ is obviously at your event for the entire night which allows he or she to control the lights. A lighting company will set lights and come back when the night is through. No possability of color changing. 

If you want to add some excitement to your function, consider the possabilities with up lighting. It can truly transform any venue into an amazing night of brilliant color. 

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