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The Perfect Wedding

For years now, I have had the privilege of DJ-ing countless weddings some of which I might add have been pretty extravagant. Let's face it, the big wedding is still the most desired event to so many women. They dream of their big day growing up thinking about the kind of dress they will wear, how tall their cake will be, how their venue will look like the grandest of ballrooms straight out of a Cinderella movie. Need I say more? It's a big day! Sure, most Grooms go along with all of the planning craziness just to make their lovely Brides happy, but truly what are the elements an engaged couple looks for to have that perfect wedding?

This should be the time that I plug how important the DJ is (which is true) but I wont go there as I am a bit biased. Instead, I will focus on the details that make the difference. There are three key factors that go into every wedding that can make or break the event.

Number 1. Do all of your planning ahead of time and let it all go the day of your wedding. The odds of everything planned turning out exactly as you visualized could happen but rarely does everything fall into perfect place. The more you plan before the big day, the more the odds go up without critical errors. I have seen some of those critical errors ranging from flowers not delivered to catering running out of food. Enough to bring down the best of Brides. Roll with the punches and do not let it ruin your day.

Number 2. Select professional vendors that you trust. Want to make your life easier, hire the pros. They know what they are doing and odds are have seen it done 10 different ways. A bit of advice when it comes to the vendors, during your selection process sit down with each and every one of them and let them know exactly what your expectations are. The selection process will be a breeze when you ask those hard questions. A good DJ for instance will have your itinerary for the event and should act as a sudo- wedding coordinator.

Number 3. It's your wedding. Do it your way. Do what you want, how you want to do it and don't be affraid to stray away from tradition. Every couple is different. My best example I can give is the time I DJ'd a full blown Star Wars wedding. Why, because that's what the Bride & Groom wanted. Being Star Wars fans, it just seemed natural for them so they went for it. The wedding was so much fun. What was even more amazing is that everyone was in costume including yours truly. Would Han & Lea be happy with a traditional wedding? Maybe, but they went with their gut and had an amazing party that people still talk about to this day.I'm not just talking themes either. I am talking about everything. Goldfish as part of your centerpieces, yes. Cowboy hats for the Bridal party, why not. Like the fast food chain says, "Have it your way". I once was a part of a wedding ceremony where the Bride was delivered to the alter by her father. Sure, happens at most weddings however, this one was riding side saddle on the back of her dad's Harley. Her way and maybe dad's too.

The moral to this story is to have fun while planning. Let your imagination run wild and plan your wedding like only you can. Use these three simple rules as guidelines which will get you closer to having that perfect wedding that you have dreamed about ever since you were little. Right guys?

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