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Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my new blog post. My name is Terry Newberry and my goal is to assist everyone with party planning and answer those tricky questions that come up while preparing for your special event.

From weddings to proms, Magic Entertainment will assist you and create a resource that will help you with the most difficult of questions and have some fun along the way. I think it's only appropriate to tell you a little bit about myself and how I got to this place on the big blue marble.

Well, first my dad and mom....wait a minute, not that far back. The year was 1995 and as always, I was actively being a good parent and helping out with the local football program that my kids were involved in. Helping out by being the President of the league. Anyway, a big part of the game production was to have an announcer call the games which the kids really liked. The little gridiron stars would simply light up when they heard their names called over the loud speakers. "number 78 Johnny Taylor with another big tackle"... I digress.

One Saturday, my regular announcer would decide that shooting ducks was much more important than providing the color on the mic that he normally displayed. The job defaulted to guess who? That's right, Mr. President. Now I had no idea how to call a game let alone speak on a mic but soon I found that the job of the announcer was a pretty good gig. I was an avid NFL fan so I simply did my best to impersonate the pros on Sunday. Well, long story short, I ended up announcing the rest of the games for the remainder of the season.

Back then, before iPods, iTunes, affordable laptops and all the fancy gadgets that kids have today, I thought it would be a great idea to bring a cd player to game day and incorporate music into the "show". I hooked my little player into the public address system and brought a few current cd's with music that would charge the crowd up. Worked like a charm and as the weeks went by, I really got into figuring out just the right type of music for the right place in the game. Little did I know, that idea of providing music at games would start a DJ business a few years later.

The youth board of directors asked me to provide music for the homecoming dance followed by the conference which we were governed by inquiring on DJ services for next year's league kickoff party for the adults. What really was amazing on both of these requests...they wanted to pay me!!! It snowballed from there. I no longer call youth football games. I moved up to the next level calling high school sports and have done so for the past 13 years. I enjoy high school sports and admire the sheer love of the game projected by our youth. One thing I do know for certain, announcing football, basketball, wrestling meets and volleyball games prepared me to be a DJ/Emcee/Entertainer.

I had a full-time job as a firefighter but this new side business was intriguing to say the least. I admit, I have always been a bit of a ham and the mic fit well in my hand. I learned from my dad a great business ethic and how to treat people right in the business world as well as in everyday life.

My dad is the actual guy who sold an igloo to the eskimo. I carry that trait today and approach business with a smile.

So here I am, 16 years later, a successful professional DJ, Fire Captain, happily married 31 years and father of three. Life is great. Life is awesome. I carry an overwhelming feeling of fulfillment but also know my work is not done. In some ways I feel it's just beginning. You see, I have many experiences in life to share and a lot of those come from the party industry. It's impossible to say that I have seen it all but boy have I seen a lot. And so a blog, to share those experiences, help with planning, answer questions and bottom line, have a little fun.

I have planned many parties from start to finish thanks to my firefighter brothers and sisters. I thought I became the party guy because I was the one who owned the fancy speakers. Truth was, I took pride in the planning aspect and wanted it to be done right. I know my peers respected me because of this. From Christmas productions, to Halloween bashes, Retirement parties to funerals, I was the chosen one.

The fire department was just one avenue for party planning. I was also given that same task in all other areas of my life. I have performed as DJ/Emcee for so many weddings that I have lost count. Weddings are so much fun to do. Talk about needing to be on your game, pronounce a brides name wrong or mess up the daddy/daughter song request means certain doom. I have hosted so many different types of parties that nothing is really the norm. And yes, even Bar Mitzvah's. I could tell you about a party I did involving the Stanford tree and the Oregon State linebacker but I will save that for later.

So that's my brief story. How I got into the business and a little background on my personal life. I would like to make this blog interactive with questions from you, the reader. Your question could become the topic of the week. Just email me at and give me a try. Who knows, your questions could be answered right here on this blog. Be sure to stay tuned as next week I will address the ever important first dance at a wedding. Should be informative and may help some of you future brides and grooms determine just when that dance should occur.Have a great week and display a little "Magic" in your life.

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